Issue 2


Welcome to Issue 2 of The Saltbush Review. We are thrilled to be able to build on the success of Issue 1, and bring you another edition of wonderful writing, connecting the South Australian literary community with readers and writing spaces across the world.

We publish Issue 2 in the shadow of the pandemic. Our theme for Issue 2 is ‘Land,’ and we find, in the first half of 2022, our lives are increasingly shaped by the tensions wrought by human assumptions about the natural world, particularly the land, what we think it can give us, and what we believe it represents. In the midst of several crises around food security, energy supplies, wars, and border disputes, the creative work in The Saltbush Review finds both the ability to critique our tangled relationship with the land and how we exploit it, and to explore its beauty, uniqueness and power, both in relation to and beyond the human.

To read our full Editorial, click on the link below.


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