Issue 1


Welcome to Issue 1 of The Saltbush Review. We are delighted to launch our inaugural issue in 2021, and celebrate both the vibrant literary community of writers within these digital pages, and you, our readers. Grown from the earth and water of South Australia, but open to the world, The Saltbush Review aims to foster connections across the stringent borders and boundaries that have circumvented the past two years and create a flourishing space for writers in the face of many challenges.

Our theme for Issue 1, ‘Water’, exemplifies both the traversing of boundaries and a deep connection to place, with all the complexities that are attendant to these actions and affinities. We are thrilled with the range of stories, styles, and voices that make up this issue, and the interpretations of the main theme. These range from highlighting water’s connective and restorative qualities, to its sublime, threatening, or precarious elements, particularly in the face of climate change and ecological crisis.

To read our full Editorial, click on the link below.


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